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Caloris Delivers High-Performance Process Systems for Concentrating and Isolating Solids and Purifying Liquids


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Process engineering expertise from the most respected team in the industry.


aloris designs and executes process systems and solutions that deliver industry-leading performance and flexibility. Today, Caloris systems are helping forward-thinking companies concentrate dairy and other food products, as well as efficiently separate water from other substances in a wide variety of food, industrial, and chemical processes. These range from purifying waste streams to processing thin stillage in ethanol plants. Whatever the application, Caloris systems deliver rock-steady reliability and optimum energy consumption. Click on the topics below to learn more.

What Puts Caloris Ahead?
Many Industries Profit
From Big, Turn-Key Installations to Compact Processing Systems
Complete Systems for Purifying Wastewater
Retrofits and Redesigns
Cost-Effective. High Performance.


The process of evaporation—applying heat to separate water from solutions—is as old as sunshine and as contemporary as the CALORIS CONCENTRIX™ MVR. Read more...


The Caloris team provides consulting for evaporation, membrane filtration and drying systems that give you a competitive advantage. Read more...


The process of evaporation—freeing water—can be applied to an almost unlimited set of industrial challenges. Read more...