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Caloris Delivers High-Performance Process Systems for Concentrating and Purifying Liquid, Producing Powders and Isolating Solids


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Process engineering expertise from the most respected team in the industry.


aloris designs and executes process systems and solutions that deliver industry-leading performance and flexibility, with focus on evaporation, spray drying and membrane separation technologies. Today, Caloris systems are helping forward-thinking companies with process requirements in the food, dairy and beverage industries, as well as providing industrial solutions for purifying waste streams in ethanol and other wastewater applications. Whatever the application, Caloris systems deliver rock-steady reliability and optimum energy consumption. Click on the topics below to learn more.

What Puts Caloris Ahead?
Many Industries Profit
From Big, Turn-Key Installations to Compact Processing Systems
Complete Systems for Purifying Wastewater
Retrofits and Redesigns
Cost-Effective. High Performance.


The process of evaporation—applying heat to separate water from solutions—is as old as sunshine and as contemporary as the CALORIS CONCENTRIX™ MVR. Read more...


The Caloris team provides consulting for evaporation, membrane filtration and drying systems that give you a competitive advantage. Read more...


The process of evaporation—freeing water—can be applied to an almost unlimited set of industrial challenges. Read more...