When designing a processing facility, it is important to consider the advantages of evaporation.

Evaporation can be used to remove liquid from many products. Beverage producers use evaporation processing to create concentrates (such as juice concentrates). Dairy producers use it to concentrate skim milk, whole milk, whey or lactose, which can then be sold as concentrated liquids or dried for use in new products like infant formula or protein shakes.

There are further uses for evaporation within food processing. A dryer feed conditioner system (a type of evaporator), can improve a spray drying operation by increasing feed solids to the dryer and maintaining solids at a desired maximum level throughout the day.

advantages of evaporation

Example of an original feed and then the resulting separated liquids after the evaporation process.

Even in non-food processing facilities, there are many advantages of evaporation. Many industrial processes use huge volumes of water, resulting in equally large amounts of wastewater. Simply flushing the untreated wastewater from this process down the drain would be wasteful and potentially harmful to the environment and so many truck the wastewater to a treatment plant. This can be very expensive and inefficient.

Using evaporation, however, manufacturers can create clean water (condensed steam) from the wastewater on site. This clean water can then be reused in the processing plant. This helps processing plants save money, while helping to protect our environment.

In any industry, evaporation can be used to separate clean water from a waste stream and recoup substances such as CIP chemicals, both for potential reuse, further saving money.

Even the ethanol industry can benefit from the advantages of evaporation. Ethanol producers are left with a syrupy liquid after they extract the biofuel from a food by-product. Evaporation can be used to remove water from the syrup, enabling the concentrated syrup to be used as animal feed.

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