BREAKING: Caloris Low-Spore Process Awarded Patent

Caloris Low-Spore Process Awarded Patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced today that the Caloris Low-Spore Process was awarded Patent No. 10,182,580 (“System and Method for Production of Low Thermophile and Low Spore Milk Powder”).

Caloris Low-Spore Process: How It Works

Many processors face the challenge of achieving consistent daily production of milk powders with low spore counts. The key to the Caloris Low Spore Process is well-timed evaporator system CIP cycles, which eliminates operation with the presence of mature biofilms in the evaporator system before they begin to contaminate the milk product with spores. The configuration of the Caloris Low-Spore Process allows for these CIP cycles to occur without interrupting the powder production of the spray dryer system.

Proven Results

The Caloris Low Spore Process has provided our customers with a routine and robust process for consistent production of high quality low-spore milk powders each and every day, utilizing standard operating procedures that are straight forward and repeatable. By implementing a dual feed system for their spray dryer, and utilizing dual high concentrating evaporators to alternately concentrate cold skim condensed for feeding the spray dryer system, these customers have the capability to maintain continuous and uninterrupted production of milk powders while consistently executing the frequent CIP cleanings of the feed preheat, HTST and Pre-Evaporator systems that ensures a consistent low-spore milk product quality.

Learn More

Head over to our Media page for the full press release (“Caloris Low-Spore Process Awarded Patent”) or take an in-depth look at the Caloris low-spore process. Read how this technology was recognized with the American Dairy Products Institute Breakthrough Award for Dairy Product Innovation in 2018 on the Dairy Foods Magazine web site. 

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