Caloris Q&A: Meet Crystal Rangel, Accounting Manager at Seitz Stainless

Crystal Rangel recently joined Caloris subsidiary Seitz Stainless as Accounting Manager. Get to know her here.

Caloris: How did you get involved in accounting?

Crystal: I grew up always enjoying math and numbers and discovered there was an entire career based on it while I was in high school. After enrolling in every accounting or business-related elective and enjoying each one, I couldn’t NOT go to school for accounting. An internship with a local CPA firm during college further solidified my choice.

Crystal Rangel

Caloris: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Crystal: Initially what drew me to accounting was the technical aspects and how there seemed to be a set procedure for everything. However, as the years have gone on, what I’ve come to enjoy most about it is being able to research and solve problems that don’t have a clear answer. 

Caloris: You are based in Minnesota. What do you like most about living/working there? 

Crystal: I grew up in central MN, where the Seitz office is located. I most appreciate being near friends and family (especially while raising our kids), but I half-consider moving to a warmer climate every couple years.

Caloris: What are your hobbies? Anything else fun you’d like to share?

Crystal: My family’s favorite summer hobbies are camping, bonfires, and boating. We do our best to pack a lot of fun into our small window of summer in MN – and if you can ride a board to do it, even better. During the rest of the year, I spend most of my free time (happily) watching our kids’ sports and activities.

Caloris: What’s your favorite cheese?

Crystal: Sadly, even though I’m close to WI, I am not a big cheese fan. I’ll take brie and crackers though!

Caloris: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Crystal: Pretty much anything with chocolate.

Caloris: Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

Crystal: Despite being married to a contractor, I have a lengthy wish list of home improvement projects in various phases of completion. I am great at planning new ones though. 😊


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