Don’t Skip End-of-Year Maintenance

The end of 2020 is fast-approaching and it has been a year for the record books. In all of the excitement, don’t let end-of-year maintenance fall off your radar. Our staff have the following recommendations for end-of-year maintenance tasks in your facility.

Membrane Filtration

(from Gary Maxson, Engineering Manager – Membrane Systems)

  • Check for turbidity in RO permeate stream

  • Check for protein loss in UF permeate stream

  • Check for high conductivity in RO Polisher

  • Check for product solids (TS) on system startup

  • Check for product solids (TS) on system shutdown

  • Check pump seals and seal water flow

  • Check valves, rebuild if necessary

  • Check Level transmitter calibrations

  • Check Analytical transmitters calibration

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(from Tom Schappeler, Process Engineering Manager)

1) Are you up to date on preventative maintenance?
    a. Valve service/rebuilds
    b. Instrument calibration

2) Have you checked your pump seals lately?

3) When is the last time you de-scaled your condenser tubes (can be a yearly or semi-yearly activity)?

4) Turbofans
    a. Oil filter change should be done periodically
    b. When was last bearing change/service? Should one be scheduled soon?

5) Yearly scheduled down-time is perfect opportunity to:
    a. Pull out and inspect TVR steam nozzles for erosion, which will directly impact energy efficiency of evaporator
    b. Lift lids on evaporator and replace gaskets (have plenty of extra gaskets on-hand ahead of time)

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Spray Drying

(from Jim Kent and Jeff Podesto, two of our dryer experts)

1) Check your Dryer Safety Systems.
    a. Have you tested your Water Deluge System?
    b. Have you checked your overpressure rupture panels? Do they leak from fatigue cracks?

2) Do you have spare Dryer Baghouse bags for your next bag change?

3) Are all your Instruments calibrated?

4) Have you inspected and if necessary changed all of the Air Filters, especially Final Filters after your heating and cooling coils?

5) Have your dryer burner tuned for winter conditions (cold weather)

6) Check your baghouse and bag condition.

7) Go through your High Pressure feed pump; plungers, seal, packing. Purchase spares as needed.

8) Check electrical panels; clean and assure they are ready for the wet weather.

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We Are Here to Help!

Caloris has staff ready to assist you with tasks like the above, process assessments, troubleshooting and more. Give us a call at 410-822-6900 or send us email to to speak with an engineer today.

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