Food Grade Membrane Filtration Equipment Rebuild Services

Reverse osmosis (RO) and other membrane filtration systems are critical for ensuring product quality and safety in dairy, food, and beverage production facilities. However, these systems experience wear over time from constant use and exposure to heat, pressure and chemicals. When this happens, food grade membrane filtration equipment rebuild services can restore like-new performance and extend the unit’s lifespan, avoiding the major costs of a full replacement.

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The core components that can be rebuilt in an RO or other membrane filtration system include the membrane elements and associated piping. Our team will replace worn membranes with new high-quality membranes and replace the housings (if needed), as part of our food grade membrane filtration equipment rebuild services. Interconnecting piping, valve bodies, and other parts will be inspected, cleaned and replaced as needed.

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There are signs facilities should watch for that indicate membrane filtration equipment likely needs a rebuild. These include increased product contamination, higher than normal pressure drops across stages, declining permeate flow rates, and deposition building up on membrane surfaces. Rebuilding should be considered once performance degrades beyond recoverable levels through cleaning and maintenance.

Rebuilding offers major advantages compared to full system replacement. It’s much more cost effective, only requiring payment for labor and replacement parts rather than an entirely new system. Rebuilds can often be completed more quickly with less downtime. They’re a greener choice, reducing resource consumption and landfill waste. An added bonus: our team can frequently enhance equipment design during the rebuild.

If you’re seeing signs of deterioration in your membrane filtration system, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us to learn about our food grade membrane filtration equipment rebuild services.

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