From the Desk of Jim Peterson: Turn to Seitz Stainless for Sanitary Fabrication Needs

Caloris Engineering’s wholly-owned subsidiary Seitz Stainless should be your go-to fabrication shop for tanks, vessels and other metal-bending needs. In this column, I sit down with Niki Hagman, Sales & Engineering Manager at Seitz, to discuss their sanitary fabrication capabilities.

Jim: Niki, you have a long history working at Seitz Stainless. How do you describe the shop to new customers?

Niki: We have a great group of people and a nice shop with a core competency in meeting the food-grade requirements (USDA, etc.) of sanitary fabrication. If you know exactly what you want, send us the drawings and we’ll fabricate it. We can also work with your engineering department to make your sanitary needs a reality.

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Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson

President & CEO

Niki Hagman

Niki Hagman

Sales & Engineering Manager, Seitz Stainless

Jim: Seitz is situated right in the heart of the upper Midwest. Talk about the advantages of that location.

Niki: We are conveniently located near many dairy customers, but we also have established transportation options to deliver anywhere in the country. One of my favorite aspects of being located where we are though is we draw on an exceptional pool of fabricators in the area to staff the shop.

Jim: Caloris has always been impressed with the work of Seitz’s fabricators — their craftsmanship is one of the main reasons we were eager to acquire the company.

Niki: The work our fabricators can produce will stand out in terms of quality and consistency. We have both a core staff with longevity on the team and many new people who are very talented as well.

Jim: Seitz works with more than just dairies. Describe some of the other types of customers Seitz serves.

Niki: Besides dairies, we have developed relationships with numerous food, pharmaceutical, and chemical engineering companies to produce their custom equipment. We’ve fabricated high-value equipment such as evaporation systems, dryers and components, membrane filtration skids and more.

Jim: What else would you like Caloris customers to know about Seitz Stainless?

Niki: Our design team will help you optimize the buildability and cleanability of your equipment. We know and understand 3A design. We have a good working relationship with USDA. We are also an ASME code certified shop with all welders certified for manufacturing pressure vessels. If what you need is made of stainless steel, chances are we can build it!

Seitz Stainless is located in Avon, Minnesota. Contact Seitz for a quote by calling 320-746-4000 or send an email to

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