From the Desk of Jim Peterson: Water RO for Recovery, Reuse and More

Effectively managing the production side of food processing requires a sound strategy for dealing with the waste streams that result from creating foods and beverages. Today I would like to highlight the benefits of our water RO units.

Water RO systems can be used to separate a “clean” water stream from your wastewater that can be either reused in your facility or more easily discharged.

Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson

President & CEO

If you are unfamiliar with industrial water reuse, the process involves purifying process wastewater to create a clean water flow stream (typically of higher volume), and a corresponding concentrated-solids stream. Disposing of (or, in some cases, creating a value-added product with) this high-solids component can present the biggest challenge to the recovery/reuse effort, but suitable solutions typically emerge.

I encourage you to consider instituting a water reuse program within your facility, if you don’t have one already. In a typical facility, there is “low-hanging fruit” that will make a positive initial impact without requiring a significant investment. This initial effort will likely lead to a “road map” to guide additional recovery efforts, and will position your organization to respond well to future water constraints (even here in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, aquifer levels are historically low).

Regulatory compliance may already necessitate taking action to save water or reduce discharges. Reuse can also help to reduce costs, depending on the charges from your local utility for fresh water supply and effluent discharge. Water reuse will beef up your facility’s ESG efforts, which many consumers look for now when choosing products to buy.

Water RO systems typically use a small footprint and are assembled on a skid for easier installation in your facility. Caloris offers stainless steel frames, which stay corrosion-free and can offer additional cost savings.

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