Does your facility include an evaporator that isn’t performing to spec? Here are some tips for improving evaporator efficiency.

Improvements on the Process Side

Have your product runs changed in terms of volume or constituents since the evaporator was installed? Even minor changes to flow rates and/or stream characteristics can create issues in an existing process system, reducing evaporator efficiency. The resulting bottleneck may not even be the evaporator itself, but a piece of equipment further upstream.

This doesn’t mean that the evaporator or the process system as a whole can’t be configured to handle the new liquid stream(s). Contact Caloris to have one of our engineers perform a process assessment, taking into account your existing system and your processing goals based on current feed streams. The process assessment will include recommendations for changes to the system to help accommodate your current needs.

Improvements on the Wastewater Side

Have you ever performed a wastewater analysis on the stream that is being processed by your evaporator? Has it been a long time since you performed such an analysis? Understanding characteristics of the wastewater stream including total solids, pH, and more will dictate what changes may be necessary so your equipment can better handle the incoming wastewater, improving evaporator efficiency.

Is your CIP routine sufficient? CIP is especially important on the process side, in order to maintain product quality. It’s just as important on the wastewater side, to ensure proper system function by preventing buildup within the system, which would affect evaporator efficiency.

Perhaps the CIP cycle is where the inefficiency lies — is your system taking too long to clean? Caloris can do an inspection of your CIP system to look for flaws that can be corrected. Less CIP time means more uptime and therefore greater evaporator efficiency.

Ready for Improved Evaporator Efficiency?

Contact Caloris today by calling 410-822-6900 or send email to to speak with one of our engineers about evaporator efficiency within your facility.


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