Plant Management Resolutions

It’s a popular time to set personal goals for self-improvement. Let’s consider a similar approach to your facility with suggested plant management resolutions for the new year.

Now may be a good time to take a step back with fresh eyes and determine what needs improving in your plant. Here are some basic areas to review and possible steps to take.

Standard Operating Procedures

Do SOPs exist for your processing equipment and are they being followed? The first of your first plant management resolutions may be to improve in this area.

More than likely, the equipment on your processing line came with ideal operating parameters spelled out in documentation like the equipment manual. Make sure this information is readily accessible by your plant staff and review it with them.

If you cannot find this information or your processing goals have changed since the equipment was originally installed, new SOPs may need to be created.

If you have tweaked operational conditions to try and meet new processing goals, it’s possible your equipment is not operating as efficiently as it could. In this scenario, Caloris can perform an assessment of your equipment and goals to arrive at a new set of standard operating procedures. Contact us to get started.

Overall Equipment Health

Does your facility have an established maintenance program that is followed regularly to prevent and/or diagnose equipment issues like vacuum leaks? Let us know if one of your plant management resolutions is to establish a maintenance calendar for your equipment. This is important not only to for smooth equipment operation, but to ensure staff and product safety as well.

Part of this effort should include reviewing what critical spare parts should be on-hand and ordering these if they are not already in inventory.

If it’s been a while since you did a thorough check-up of your equipment, you may encounter issues that need attention. Contact us to arrange a service visit to get your processing line ship-shape again.

Training Program

How did the holiday break go? Were there any hiccups when your usual operators were on vacation? If you recently experienced operational issues, the cause may have been human error and not an equipment failure.

Now may be a great time to run a training program for newer operators and/or a refresher for seasoned staff. This is especially true if the equipment has been recently upgraded or the operating parameters have changed to accomplish new processing goals.

Safety is another major reason to provide regular training opportunities for your equipment operators. Caloris has basic safety training programs ready to go or we can tailor the training to your specific facility and situation. Contact us to get started.

Happy New Year from all of us at Caloris Engineering! Call us at 410-822-6900 or send email to to request assistance with your processing equipment.


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