A Caloris customer this summer reported a problem with hot condensate vapors escaping from a condensate collector integrated into an existing evaporator system. The fugitive steam was increasing the temperature and humidity of the room, making it foggy. The hot steam presented a safety hazard for plant personnel.

We sent a process engineer to the site to investigate the problem and draft a report about possible corrective actions with an aim to eliminate steam from entering the room. We requested that the customer make available a plant representative to assist our engineer. The site visit was completed within one day.

Our engineer observed that the evaporator system consisted of a horizontal upper cylinder (receiver) taking in condensate from three pipes and draining into a lower vessel (pot). The lid on the pot was leaking — the source of the steam blowing into the room.

Meet The Engineer

Based on our engineer’s observations, he recommended installing steam traps prior to the receiver, to eliminate direct steam from entering the pot in the first place. He also recommended more in-depth inspections of potential problem areas where obstructions could be preventing the proper flow of steam elsewhere in the system.

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