Problem: Solved | Dehumidification for the Summer Months

A Caloris customer asked for our help recently because their dryers suffer from reduced capacity every summer as the ambient air becomes more humid. This particular customer processes sticky and difficult to dry products—a situation that only gets worse in the warmer, moister months.

We sent a process engineer to the site to investigate potential dehumidification solutions and costs. Operability, installability and the capability to increase the rate of production during the summer were taken into account. Desiccant dehumidification and chilled water dehumidification were both studied for total cost of ownership and return on investment.

Our engineer spent time to educate the customer about how dehumidification and the different technology options would affect their production process. Based on our analysis, the customer opted for chilled water dehumidification. The next step was to try out the technology on one dryer to gauge its success.

The result: the capacity this time was not diminished by the usual 10-15% in the summer as the ambient air became more humid. The spray dryer was able to maintain its capacity and the reliability of operation was improved because the operators didn’t need to adjust the dryer settings to account for the seasonal ambient conditions.

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Tom Schappeler

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