Problem: Solved | Unique Needs Call for a Unique Design

A Caloris customer came to us for help expanding the capacity of their whey processing operation. They requested a proposal for a new pre-evaporator of unique design to add to their existing system, which is already relatively complex and has multiple limitations.

This customer’s process regimen includes a pre-processing step that has a significant impact on evaporator operations. We first needed to quantify the impact of the pre-processing step so that we could optimize the unique design of the new equipment.

We sent one of our process engineers to the site to observe the current system under normal operating conditions. This site visit allowed us to propose and design the new pre-evaporator to work seamlessly with the existing system. By observing the plant operations and collecting data, we can take into account the unique characteristics of the client’s product and production system.

With our process engineer’s observations and the customer’s requested parameters as our guide, Caloris will propose a new MVR pre-evaporator for permeate. This new unit will be tailored to our customer’s unique needs. It will be optimized in terms of footprint, and will fit hand-in-glove with the current operating scheme. This will ultimately minimize capital expenditure for the customer.

Meet The Engineer

Tom Schappeler

Tom Schappeler

Processing Engineering Manager

Does Your Process Require A Unique Design?

Caloris is willing to devote the extra effort and engineering expertise to really understand a situation to design an optimized, custom solution for each customer. Are you ready to replace or expand your processing system? Contact Caloris at 410-822-6900 or to arrange for a process assessment at your facility.


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