What Is a Process Assessment?

If you ever question whether your production process is performing according to the design, a process assessment can help pinpoint potential problem areas. A process assessment can show ways to increase production output if that is a goal. If you suspect an equipment problem but lack the knowledge base, resources, or tools to investigate it, a process assessment is the way to quickly identify the issue.

So what exactly is a process assessment?

During a visit to your facility, our engineer will collect process data while running the operation to model and analyze the system— temperatures, pressures, and flowrates to name a few.

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Kyle Mathis

Kyle Mathis

Process Engineer

Bruce Skinner

Bruce Skinner

Sales Manager

A high-pressure pump with insufficient stuffing pressure due to a pipe enlargement near the pump’s section. 

Our engineer will also use their human senses to collect information—touch, sight, hearing, smell, and maybe even taste in the quality control lab! They have field instruments that can augment their senses as well, such as thermal imaging cameras and sonic-leak detectors. These field instruments may sometimes provide better information than what the process instrumentation can give. Product sampling at strategic locations may also be required.

Additionally, discussions with operations, maintenance, engineering, and other personnel can shed light on historical events that brought the process to its current status.

The information gathered will be analyzed and compiled into a report, along with potential solutions for customer feedback. Caloris staff will collaborate with you for cost-effective solutions should you request further help. Our historical solutions have ranged from simple set point changes to instrumentation upgrades to large equipment upgrades.

Caloris specializes in membrane filtration, evaporator, and spray drying equipment, and we have the tools and expertise to characterize your system for enhanced troubleshooting. For whatever your needs are, we will tailor our support for you. Contact Caloris at 410-822-6900 or problem.solved@caloris.com to arrange for a process assessment at your facility.

Stay tuned for Part II: How to Prepare for a Process Assessment.

Thermal scan of an air dehumidifier. (Text, Photos & Video by Kyle Mathis)


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