Producing Lactose or Milk/Whey Permeate Powder? Make Sure You Are Processing Under the Right Conditions

Frequently, lactose crystallizers are not operating at optimum conditions for the downstream process. The right process depends on what your lactose productions goals are. Many variables must be taken into account to make adjustments.

Lactose is typically crystallized via slow cooling in a large tank via a batch process.

This technique is used for one of two primary purposes:
a) to produce a suitable feed to a spray dryer, or
b) to produce a slurry whereby the lactose crystals can be separated and refined into edible-grade lactose.

The optimum conditions for this process differ significantly depending upon the objective. Generally speaking, a lactose process requires large crystals, whereas a spray dryer for producing milk and/or whey permeate powder requires small crystals.

Numerous variables are involved to optimize the process, including total solids, cooling profile and impurities, to mention a few. In-line measurement tools are now available to optimize your crystallization process.

If you have an existing production line and would like an assessment to determine if you are operating your crystallizers under the optimum conditions, Caloris engineers can assist. After analyzing your system, we’ll make recommendations to help you optimize your process. We also have the staff to help implement those changes and provide any training necessary for your operators.

Likewise, if you are installing a new production line for producing lactose or milk and/or whey permeate powder, Caloris can design and supply a robust system that will meet your processing goals from the start.

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