Quick Tip | Evaporator Lid Gaskets Are a Common Source of Vacuum Leaks

Another post about vacuum leaks? Listen, this is such a prevalent issue we find when servicing evaporators for our customers, we can’t emphasize vacuum leaks enough. And evaporator lid gaskets are one of the most problematic areas.

If your evaporator(s) are configured with a lid like the one pictured here, then it’s time to check the evaporator lid gaskets for any vacuum leaks. Such gaskets are a very common area for vacuum leaks to develop across evaporator systems.

Caloris recommends a vulcanizer for these gaskets. This gives more of a solid seal and can prevent vacuum leaks in the future.

If you need help chasing down vacuum leaks in your evaporator system, contact us! Call 410-822-6900 or by sending email to problem.solved@caloris.com to be connected with an engineer.


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