Reducing Problem Wastewater Proteins

As part of an effort to prevent problem wastewater proteins from entering local waterways, many processors around the San Francisco Bay Area are seeing new restrictions on both the volume and the composition of wastewater they can discharge.

Summary: Some SF Bay Area municipalities are facing nutrient limits on wastewater discharges limiting wastewater types, e.g., proteins, accepted for treatment. Caloris has technologies available to help deal with these wastewater proteins in a sustainable way.

In the summer of 2022, a large algae bloom emerged in the Bay. The algae feeds on the nitrogen discharged to the Bay from treatment plants, some of which comes from protein wastes. Algae blooms can harmfully disrupt the native ecosystem. One treatment facility has responded by imposing limits on discharges containing high levels of nitrogen and ammonia for this reason.

Caloris is working with multiple processors in the area to assess the potential value, if any, of separating the waste stream to separate and concentrate protein using technologies like filtration, evaporation and drying. Using technologies like membrane filtration and subsequent steps to treat the waste stream results in sources of potential payback including sale of the value-added material and reduced transportation costs of the treated effluent.

Once protein and its corresponding nitrogen is removed from a waste stream, the wastewater treatment plant discharge will contain much lower nitrogen levels.

Caloris equipment can handle high-protein and/or high-salt contents. The systems we put in place will generate a clean water stream available for reuse and a byproduct that often can become a value-add (for instance, in fertilizers). There is usually a quick return on investment when compared to current hauling and treatment costs.

If you are in need of treatment solutions for problem wastewater proteins, contact Caloris to speak with an engineer. Call 410-822-6900 or send email to



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