Reducing caustic consumption in dairy plants can show attractive ROI resulting from a reduction of caustic purchases and a corresponding reduction in waste treatment costs by keeping solids from going down the drain.

For a facility looking to make positive strides in reducing their environmental footprint, caustic recovery and reuse is often “low-hanging fruit,” especially for high-caustic cleaning applications such as evaporators, HTSTs and separators.

From a regulatory standpoint, the system must meet sanitary design requirements. Typical systems use either organic, polymeric NF membranes or inorganic, ceramic MF membranes. While both membrane types have demonstrated success, the tighter NF membrane provides a cleaner caustic for reuse (especially with regard to BOD levels in the “cleaned” caustic).

First Steps Toward Reducing Caustic Consumption: Determine ROI

A conservative estimate for the amount of caustic that can be reclaimed is in the neighborhood of 60%. This estimate is derived from the following:

Amount of caustic lost from chemical reaction with soil: 15%
Caustic loss from flushing: 20%
Caustic loss from membrane recovery: 10%
Total = 100% x .85 x .80 x .90 = 61.2%

Caustic solids in the waste stream is also reduced up to 2.5x.

ROI can be determined by comparing caustic and wastewater savings to membrane costs. Please call Caloris for the latest estimated capital and operating costs sheet.

Installation is Easy

Filtration systems come together much faster than many other pieces of equipment in your production line and installation is equally efficient. Your new system can be up and running in weeks instead of months.

More Savings to Be Realized?

The addition of a filtration system for the purpose of reducing caustic consumption could be the first step in a water reuse system that would also allow you to recapture clean water off of your production line for use elsewhere in your process. Caloris can help you analyze the benefits of such a system for your facility.

Ready to Compare Notes?

Reducing caustic consumption by installing a filtration system will make sense for many production facilities. Contact Caloris today by calling 410-822-6900 or sending email to to be connected with one of our engineers.


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