Rely on a Liquid Ring Pump

Replace a defective ejector-based vacuum system with a liquid ring pump to improve evaporator performance and capacity.

Ejector-based vacuum systems utilize steam to create vacuum. These systems typically experience significant wear and under-perform. Poor vacuum then results in lost evaporator capacity and high temperature operation with all of the related side effects (on efficiency and product quality, for instance). These systems are best replaced with a modern liquid ring pump arrangement that uses electric power for vacuum generation.

BTW: There is no such thing as a small vacuum leak. As much as 90 percent of all evaporator performance problems are traceable back to vacuum leaks. Read more in this blog post on investigating vacuum leaks in your evaporator.

The vacuum pump is the heart of a vacuum evaporator system and 95% of all evaporators use them. You can find them in evaporation units used for heat-sensitive products such as food and dairy, but also in any type of multi-effect evaporator to maximize energy efficiency.

More on the Liquid Ring Pump

The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (LRVP) has been around for over 100 years and is the workhorse in nearly all vacuum evaporator applications. It is pulsation free, has no valves and only one moving part — the impeller. It is very reliable. Water is used as a seal and creates the effect of a plunger, compressing the gas from vacuum to atmospheric pressure.

Read more about liquid ring pumps in this blog post.

More on Vacuum Issues

Caloris has extensive material available on vacuum issues in evaporator systems. In addition to the links above, check out these additional resources:

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