Replace Leaking Coil Heaters with a Robust Heat Exchanger

How you know it’s time to consider a heat exchanger: If you own and operate a 25-year-old+ evaporator that uses integrated coil heaters for pasteurization, and these coils have ever sprung a leak.

Coil heaters were extensively used by some evaporator manufacturers for product heating. These coils are typically incorporated into cylindrical shells, sometimes superimposed on falling film calandria shells, and are almost always inaccessible for inspection and repair.

Over many years of service and rigorous thermal cycling, coils eventual crack and develop leaks, which results in milk contamination of condensate. This situation requires immediate attention, yet the unfortunate reality is that these coil designs are virtually impossible to access and repair.

A common short-term remedy is to by-pass the coil and compromise system capacity. Avoid the unexpected failure and make plans now to systematically replace your coils with a more robust shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

The Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

The shell-and-tube design consists of a cylindrical shell containing a bundle of tubes that are firmly held in place by a set of rigid tube sheets and internal support baffles.

Typically, a fluid passes through the inside of the tubes while steam or water vapor under vacuum is condensed on the outer wall of the tubes thereby heating the fluid. To alleviate thermal stresses, an expansion joint is frequently included on the shell, which reduced the risk of tube damage. The rigidity and accessibility of the heat transfer tubes represents a far more durable and serviceable design than the outdated coil designs.

Is It Time to Eliminate the Problematic Coils Once and For All?

If you need help assessing the risks posed by the coil heaters in your facility, Caloris can make an inspection visit and provide an estimate to replace your coil heater(s) with a more durable heat exchanger design.

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