Most older filtration units are programmed for RO CIP based on elapsed time. While operators have the ability to set up the RO CIP software program based on estimated flush times and then fine tune, this tactic can still be inefficient and even wasteful. Many operators will extend flush times to be sure the chemicals are gone and the RO CIP has returned to a neutral pH.

New technology and instrumentation exist that allow operators to base flush times on the pH level and/or conductivity. This enables the potential for water savings and to decrease the amount of water going to the treatment plant.

These savings are especially potent in many ultrafiltration operations where not all stages are operational. To flush all stages based on time elapsed would waste a large amount of water (and time). Installing a system that takes into account non-operational stages will add up to big savings over time.

Meet The Engineer

Lee Telin is our Sales & Service Manager for Membrane Systems.

Installation of the upgraded system normally takes 2-3 days, assuming that everything on-site is prepared ahead of time (including cutting the permeate piping to allow installation of instrument(s), wiring devices and programming).

The cost of such a system is dependent on the size of the unit, but Caloris can provide a budget estimate once we know the details of your system.

If you have an older filtration system and are interested in upgrading your instrumentation to allow for more efficient CIP, contact Caloris by calling 410-822-6900 or send email to Caloris can also troubleshoot other inefficiencies and problems with your filtration system or propose new systems to help you accomplish your goals.


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