Selecting the Right Dairy Evaporator

If you are in the market for a dairy evaporator, start by answering the following questions:

  1. What and how much will you be feeding into the evaporator (type of milk or other dairy product, volume over time)?
  2. What is your desired evaporation outcome (condensed milk, feed for a dryer to produce milk protein concentrates or other powder product)?
  3. How much space do you have to accommodate the equipment?
  4. What type of power source(s) do you have available?
  5. Are you able to reuse the clean water condensate from the evaporation process in your facility?
  6. What is your budget?

With the answers to these questions in hand, Caloris can help narrow down what type of dairy evaporator will work best for your situation.

Here are some of the products being processed on Caloris dairy evaporators:

  • Skim milk
  • Whole milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Whole whey (sweet and acid)
  • Greek yogurt whey
  • Whey protein concentrates
  • Whey permeate
  • Lactose Mother Liquor (DLP)
  • Refined lactose
  • Salt whey and salt brine
  • Milk protein concentrates
  • Veal feed formulae
  • Rinse recovery streams in fluid milk plants
  • Dairy wastewater
  • Lactose processing

From its earliest days, Caloris has been providing cutting edge dairy evaporator solutions for some of the largest players in the dairy industry. In fact, Caloris solutions are recognized as the industry’s most advanced.

Caloris pre-engineered Compact Evaporators are increasingly being put to use to concentrate many dairy products. The CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR in particular represents a powerful, cost-effective tool for processing dairy products.

Ready to invest in a dairy evaporator? Call us at 410-822-6900 or send email to to speak with one of our engineers. We may request to send a pilot evaporator unit to your location to conduct on-site testing. This will help determine exactly which evaporation technology will work best for your facility. Learn more about pilot testing.


About Caloris

Caloris transforms process systems design for the better with unexpected, future-focused solutions that solve real operational problems. We engineer efficient, dependable and productive solutions that also improve environmental sustainability where practical. Designed with the end user in mind to drive plant productivity. Caloris offers evaporation, membrane filtration and spray drying process systems for food and dairy industries, as well as for water reuse and wastewater treatment applications. Both Caloris’ custom and pre-engineered packaged systems are designed to meet our customers’ specific concentration/purification needs utilizing the most cost effective and energy efficient technologies available. Whether concentrating dairy, food or juice products at a high-volume production facility, or processing industrial wastewaters to reduce transportation and treatment costs and recover re-usable water, Caloris provides a range of options and technologies.