Spray Dryer Nozzle Cameras Are An Easy Way to Improve the Safety and Reliability of Your Operation

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Caloris includes spray dryer nozzle cameras to observe the operation of the high pressure atomization nozzles in the Air Disperser on all new spray dryer installations. We can also evaluate if your existing spray dryer is suited for retrofit of cameras into the existing Spray Dryer Air Disperser.

These spray dryer nozzle cameras are installed above the high pressure atomization nozzle lance of the spray dryer, to provide a real-time image of what is happening around the spray dryer nozzle onto a monitor in the control room.

As noted in a previous post, history shows that most spray dryer fires begin at the nozzle lances. There are many small and complex parts in every spray lance, including O-rings. Large spray dryers can have more than 10 nozzle lances.

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Josh Vander Velden

Josh Vander Velden

Service Team Manager

Jim Kent

Jim Kent

Business Development Manager

These nozzle lances are manually assembled and disassembled often every day by the operators. If these parts are incorrectly assembled or fail in operation, then liquid product can leak and potentially burn, igniting the dry powder within the dryer.

Spray dryer nozzle cameras provide a live video stream straight to your facility’s control room, where your operators can view the nozzles at all times.

“It’s like having a rearview camera on your car,” said Caloris Service Team Manager Josh Vander Velden. “If you’ve never had one, you don’t realize you need it. If you have one and then it’s suddenly taken away, you don’t know how you’ll live without it.”

On existing dryers, a port will need to be cut into the side of the Air Disperser and the specially housed camera will be mounted there. Compressed air cools the camera. Vander Velden said the camera can be installed with minimal downtime.

We are hearing from customers that more insurance companies are reducing premiums based on the lower risk for loss that cameras observing the nozzles provide. Even if there isn’t a fire, savings can be realized in the long-term from the increased reliability of detecting issues before they become a safety hazard.

Give us a call and ask us about whether your spray dryer is a suitable candidate to have nozzle cameras retrofitted.  And then let’s talk about your other objectives for spray dryer optimization, capacity increase, reliability improvement, safety improvements, burner replacement, baghouse upgrades, fluid bed upgrades, or similar.  We want to know what’s keeping you up at night.

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