Spray Dryer Problems — It’s All About Safety

Spray dryer problems may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Fourth of July, but stay with me for a minute.

It’s been common to see a higher likelihood of the conditions that could lead to spray dryer problems like fires and explosions as we approach holiday times like Christmas, Thanksgiving and now, the summer holidays. There are fewer people in the plant and those who are there may be filling in for the usual staff and not as familiar with the equipment or procedures.

Spray dryers and baghouses possess all the conditions for a fire or explosion to be possible. They have oxygen and fuel. They are a confined space with a dispersed cloud of dust. All you need is an ignition source.

To avoid such spray dryer problems, follow these guidelines to help ensure the safety of your colleagues, your product and your plant:

  • Stay Vigilant – even during production slow-downs
  • Test Safety Systems Regularly – what is your testing plan for the following items?
    • Water deluge
    • Spark detection
    • CO monitoring
    • Explosion suppression
  • Check that overpressure vents and doors can freely open
  • Provide regular safety training to current and new employees

Jim Kent, Caloris Business Development Manager and Spray Dryer Expert

Here are some additional items to watch out for as you assess fire/explosion risk in your facility:

  • Baghouses and dust collectors are sometimes forgotten, but are a source of risk – inspect them regularly
  • Spray nozzles are the source of fires/explosions 90 percent of the time, often due to leaking and improper assembly
  • Have spare parts on-hand before you experience spray dryer problems so you can address them right away

Let’s make sure that fireworks are the excitement this upcoming Fourth of July. Have questions? Want to schedule an inspection of your system or a training session for your employees? Contact us today! Call our main office at 410-822-6900 or send email to problem.solved@caloris.com and we will discuss the best options for you and your facility. Want more spray dryer training information? Check out our webinars page.

This blog post was written by Caloris Business Development Manager and Spray Dryer Expert Jim Kent.


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