Hello. My name is Simon Zimmer and since October 2017 I have been working as the Business Development Manager for Water Recovery at Caloris and I promote our industrial wastewater treatment systems. As I began researching water recovery and wastewater, I was alarmed by the number of industrial wastewater violations that occur on a daily basis in the United States. I bookmarked 18 scandals since I started. Below is a sample of some of the headlines.

  1. Steel company to pay nearly $900,000 to settle lawsuit over chromium spill into Lake Michigan
  2. Chicken Company Fined $2M For Causing Missouri Fish Kill
  3. Whiskey Plants Are Polluting Tennessee’s Waterways
  4. State punishes egg facility for wastewater runoff into creek
  5. Pork Producer Faces Court Order to Clean Water Pollution
  6. Automotive Manufacturer Faces Lawsuit Over Contaminated Groundwater
  7. Tech company tells Alabama that it underreported chemicals in river
  8. Delaware Poultry Plant Contaminates Nearby Wells
  9. NW Washington dairy fined $8,000 in pollution case
  10. Two companies violate Columbia wastewater permit requirements

Simon Zimmer is Caloris Business Development Manager for Water Recovery.

In a land full of laws, regulations and oversight, one would think that companies would be more careful with their industrial wastewater treatment systems. Sadly, through shortcuts, management deficiencies and a lack of vision for more sustainable wastewater solutions, accidents intentionally and unintentionally occur that discharge millions of gallons of wastewater that harm the environment and people nearby.

This is most frustrating. There are many proven technologies that exist today to help companies manage their wastewater in a responsible and efficient way. Whether you want to clean up your wastewater and reuse it back in the plant or just want to reduce the volume of your discharge to lower hauling costs and load on the wastewater treatment plant, these solutions can provide a ROI that may only take one or two years to pay back. Such industrial wastewater treatment systems solutions include:

  • Compact evaporators
  • Membrane systems
  • Thin Film Dryer systems for zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

I look forward to promoting these industrial wastewater treatment systems solutions with the Caloris team so we can replace the endless number of wastewater violations with good news about plants implementing sustainable and safe wastewater solutions for future generations to come.

This blog post was written by Caloris Business Development Manager for Water Recovery Simon Zimmer. You can contact Simon via email for more information or call Caloris at 410-822-6900.


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Caloris transforms process systems design for the better with unexpected, future-focused solutions that solve real operational problems. We engineer efficient, dependable and productive solutions that also improve environmental sustainability where practical. Designed with the end user in mind to drive plant productivity. Caloris offers evaporation, membrane filtration and spray drying process systems for food and dairy industries, as well as for water reuse and wastewater treatment applications. Both Caloris’ custom and pre-engineered packaged systems are designed to meet our customers’ specific concentration/purification needs utilizing the most cost effective and energy efficient technologies available. Whether concentrating dairy, food or juice products at a high-volume production facility, or processing industrial wastewaters to reduce transportation and treatment costs and recover re-usable water, Caloris provides a range of options and technologies.