Turbofan Compression Improves in MVR Evaporation for Dairy, Whey, Other Applications

Advances in turbofan technology present new options in Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Evaporator design.

A new class of turbofans with higher compression ratios means more choice when it comes to MVR evaporator design and cost. MVR evaporators generate heating vapors by mechanical compression of the water vapors evaporated from the product.

The energy efficiency of an evaporator is defined as the energy expenditure required to accomplish the necessary water evaporation. Thanks to evolving turbofan technology, turbofans can develop higher compression ratios and therefore accomplish the same water evaporation with proportionately less heat transfer area.

Less heat transfer area means reduced capital costs. The trade-off is that energy efficiency will be slightly reduced on a pounds of water evaporation per consumed-horsepower basis.

Contact Caloris to talk with one of our application engineers today to learn how we can apply this new turbofan technology within your facility. We can help you crunch the numbers to determine which scenario will work best for you or if an upgrade makes sense.


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