Traditionally, water recovery principles have been pretty restrictive. Once the rule was that any water that hit the floor in a processing facility would no longer be suitable for any further use. Regulators in certain parts of the country are starting to change their tune, however. With reservoirs out West still at critically low levels in many areas, water reuse is an important tool for stretching this valuable resource.

Water recovery technology exists to produce reusable water within processing facilities. Dairy plants, in particular, produce a lot of water that may be suitable for reuse with the proper equipment on-hand. Evaporator condensate and RO permeate are two such sources that can potentially be reused. Potential uses for recovered water include cooling tower makeup, cleaning/sanitation, boiler makeup, process water and production water.

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Those with an abundance of water reserves usually have the most lax water management policies in place while those with meager amounts of available water often must be more resourceful. But even processors who aren’t in critical water areas may consider water recovery within their facilities in order to reduce hauling and other treatment costs if they are sending their wastewater to the local utility for treatment. Caloris has a long track record of helping customers reduce their wastewater emissions for exactly this reason.
The reuse of industrial water involves:
  • Purifying process wastewater to create a clean water source that meets the requirements of the reuse application
  • Handling the concentrated solids stream that results from the purification process to enable:
    • safe discharge/disposal, or best case, 
    • creating a product of added value to the customer.
In addition, RO polishing of evaporator condensate off of the production line is a common way to produce reusable water. These systems are skidded with a small footprint.

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