We Received an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Violation — Now What?

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Can Be Tricky Business

Almost all processing facilities must handle industrial wastewater treatment. Many facilities treat this wastewater to be able to reuse it within the plant and/or to reduce the amount of material that must be disposed of at the local wastewater treatment plant.

In most cases, some industrial wastewater finds its way to the local municipal plant. Most municipalities have regulations in place that limit the types and amounts of various substances that wastewater can contain. Even the most diligent of processors may inadvertently send wastewater down the drain that exceed these limits.

If you find that even after your waste stream goes through the facility’s industrial wastewater treatment system, discharge levels are approaching the maximum allowed levels or repeatedly exceeding them, Caloris is here to help.

Caloris Membrane Systems

We have a variety of solutions you can put into place to prevent such problematic discharges from occurring in the future. From evaporation to membrane filtration to zero-liquid discharge options, we will work with you to determine the best equipment for your situation.

Often the first step is testing your wastewater stream to determine its components. This information, your facility’s wastewater treatment goals and local regulations will then determine which system will work best for you.

Caloris offers pilot testing services in Maryland or our equipment can be shipped to your location for on-site testing.

You may wish to take this opportunity to further your sustainability goals and install a system that will allow for reuse of the clean water that results from our treatment systems. We will work with you to maximize this opportunity to improve your industrial wastewater treatment system.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Even if you haven’t received a wastewater violation, it’s worth taking a look at your current systems on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly and within local requirements. Contact Caloris today to arrange a system assessment. Call us at 410-822-6900 or send email to problem.solved@caloris.com.


About Caloris

Caloris transforms process systems design for the better with unexpected, future-focused solutions that solve real operational problems. We engineer efficient, dependable and productive solutions that also improve environmental sustainability where practical. Designed with the end user in mind to drive plant productivity. Caloris offers evaporation, membrane filtration and spray drying process systems for food and dairy industries, as well as for water reuse and wastewater treatment applications. Both Caloris’ custom and pre-engineered packaged systems are designed to meet our customers’ specific concentration/purification needs utilizing the most cost effective and energy efficient technologies available. Whether concentrating dairy, food or juice products at a high-volume production facility, or processing industrial wastewaters to reduce transportation and treatment costs and recover re-usable water, Caloris provides a range of options and technologies.