What is Pre-Engineering?

What is pre-engineering? Sometimes it’s called pre-engineering, concept engineering, preliminary engineering or an engineering feasibility study. Whatever you call it, it is a way to ensure that you can control and reduce the technical, commercial and schedule risks to your process engineering project.

It is the way to ensure that the processing equipment built for your facility is the best possible solution to meet your needs.

During pre-engineering, our engineers will spend time with you at your location to assess your current equipment and discuss future goals.

We will consider your objectives with regards to uptime, production volumes, cleanability, operability and efficiency. Have you considered future volume changes? Switching between products or producing new products? Recapturing clean water for water reuse within your facility? What about recovery of materials like caustic or other CIP chemicals? We also evaluate specialty materials of construction as needed to comply with unique structural requirements for earthquake zones, etc. The information gathered during this assessment is vital for the pre-engineering process.

During pre-engineering, Caloris creates a system concept, and works through the process engineering, mechanical engineering and CAD design work for the complete system. The result is engineering drawings and related information you will need to design your new building or retrofit your existing structure, in anticipation of the delivery of the new equipment. We meet with you again to go over this package of information and fine-tune the designs as needed. We are happy to meet with your architect or builder to make sure everything comes together smoothly, from design to installation and start-up.

This means you will have all the information you need to proceed with foundations, structural support steel, permitting and other pre-installation work required at your plant. What is pre-engineering?

Pre-engineering limits your risks and ensures the most cost-effective processing system possible. Any system engineered by Caloris can be followed up with full turnkey installation and commissioning services.

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About Caloris

Caloris transforms process systems design for the better with unexpected, future-focused solutions that solve real operational problems. We engineer efficient, dependable and productive solutions that also improve environmental sustainability where practical. Designed with the end user in mind to drive plant productivity. Caloris offers evaporation, membrane filtration and spray drying process systems for food and dairy industries, as well as for water reuse and wastewater treatment applications. Both Caloris’ custom and pre-engineered packaged systems are designed to meet our customers’ specific concentration/purification needs utilizing the most cost effective and energy efficient technologies available. Whether concentrating dairy, food or juice products at a high-volume production facility, or processing industrial wastewaters to reduce transportation and treatment costs and recover re-usable water, Caloris provides a range of options and technologies.