White Paper on MVR Evaporator Upgrades Now Available

New Caloris White Paper Available! “MVR Evaporator Upgrades: High-Speed Compressor & Turbofan Replacements for Improved Reliability and Performance”

MVR evaporator upgrades can help facility managers reduce maintenance costs, improve evaporator performance and reduce safety risks associated with antiquated equipment. Caloris Engineering has a new white paper available, “MVR Evaporator Upgrades: High-Speed Compressor & Turbofan Replacements for Improved Reliability and Performance,” which explains the risks of older equipment and the solutions available thanks to advances in evaporation technology.



Develop a Plan to Upgrade your MVR Evaporator Now, Before a Catastrophic Failure Strikes

Evaporators incorporating Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) for concentrating liquids continue to be critically important for a wide range of industries, from food processing, to sweeteners, pulp and paper, and many more. Importantly, all of these MVR Evaporators installed in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s utilize specialized rotating machines (compressors and turbofans), many of which are likely operating beyond their useful life.

These compressors and turbofans comprise the heart of the MVR design, and after 25 years of daily operation, may be approaching a significant hardware failure that will disable your process for a lengthy time. Such failures have been known to cause serious injury to personnel. Before your facility fits this description, consider the risks and make plans now to develop an MVR Evaporator upgrade plan.

The good news is that better options now exist for replacing aging or obsolete MVR Units, including capacity increases. Caloris can offer these options to your facility. In most cases, the time needed to implement the solution is months, not weeks, so planning ahead before failure strikes is the only wise path.

Download the White Paper or Contact Us Today!

To learn more about the available options for MVR evaporator upgrades, request to download our white paper here. If you need immediate assistance, call Caloris at 410-822-6900 or send email to problem.solved@caloris.com to speak with one of our process engineers about a potential MVR evaporator retrofit at your facility.


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