CALORIS AGILIX® Mobile Evaporator

The CALORIS AGILIX® mobile evaporator deals with wastewater wherever it may be. The Agilix transports on an integrated flatbed trailer to almost any remote location. Deploy it for weeks or months at one site—then move it to the next location. This patented technology is the first truly effective solution for dealing with wastewater at remote sites.

Applications Include:

  • Eliminating Wastewater Ponds
  • Temporary Remedial Needs

The CALORIS AGILIX® Mobile Evaporator Is The Only Turbofan MVR Evaporator System With Substantial Capacity To Go Where You Need It

The Technology


The Agilix is a uniquely designed and built forced circulation turbofan MVR mobile evaporator system—fully assembled and complete on a flatbed trailer. You can transport the Agilix easily over public highways and roads, in most locations without need for permitting as an escorted transport.


The patented system is a forced circulation MVR evaporator with a horizontal vapor separator. The evaporator is typically heated with two turbofans in series. For certain applications one turbofan will suffice. Caloris engineers will optimize the unit in line with your typical applications.


The product side, including the horizontal separator, is split into two or three sections to maximize heat transfer at higher concentrations and boiling point elevations. Corrugated heat exchange tubing further enhances heat transfer.

Have a complex wastewater application?

Easy to Power Wherever You Need It

Whether you have access to the public energy grid or use a fuel-powered electrical generator, the Agilix mobile evaporator is ready to run whenever you have 480 Volts of electrical power. You can begin continuous operation within hours of arriving at the site. It requires no other utilities, support systems, cooling water or air cooler. Operation for evaporating water at rates of up to 20,000 pounds per hour (40 GPM) can be quickly established.

The Agilix mobile evaporator will run at an efficiency of 130 lbs of water/kW depending on configuration and application—it’s a highly efficient use of power in a mobile system.

The Patented CALORIS AGILIX® Mobile Evaporator Features

  • A readily transportable, fully assembled forced circulation MVR evaporator system, requiring only 480V electrical power.
  • Capable of up to 20,000 PPH water evaporation.
  • Use of electric in-line resistance heaters to preheat the system during initial start-up, reducing time required to initiate evaporation and concentration operation from a cold start.

The Agilix offers you supreme flexibility; not only because of its mobility, but also because of the wide variety of products it enables you to process, including liquids containing a high saline content and/or a high percentage of suspended solids.

The CALORIS AGILIX® can be configured to accommodate many of the complex processing needs of wastewater applications. Contact our sales and technical specialists at 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs and to place an order. You can also schedule a benchtop test for your waste stream or an on-site test with a pilot evaporator.