Caloris has developed a new generation of compact MVR evaporators with reduced complexity and increased robustness compared to existing options on the market.

The configuration of the CALORIS CVTTM Evaporator can accommodate low building heights and has a small footprint, making it a good candidate for installation in existing facilities. Positioning the vertical turbofan on top of the vapor separator contributes to the sleek design of this falling film evaporator.

Features of the Caloris CVTTM Evaporator

  • High evaporation capacity in a compact design
  • High overall energy efficiency
  • Short installation and startup time
  • Lower construction and installation costs
  • Regenerative heating of system feed optimizes overall energy efficiency
  • Chemical grade, sanitary food grade and 3A configurations available

The vertical configuration of this evaporator design means minimal ducting is needed to interconnect the evaporator components. Recirculated product flow in the short tubes of the evaporator ensures good tube wetting over a significant range of product operating capacity, enabling long running times and excellent CIP performance.

How can we help?

The CALORIS CVTTM can be configured to accommodate many of the complex processing needs for numerous product streams and wastewater applications. Contact our sales and technical specialists at 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs and to place an order. You can also schedule a benchtop test or an on-site test with a pilot evaporator.

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