Modular Steam Heated Evaporator

In some applications, challenging product properties require more design options than an MVR concept can provide. In others, exceptionally inexpensive steam might be available. In any case, Caloris provides the best available options.

For low capacity and high concentration applications, a steam heated CALORIS CUBIX® D or CUBIX® T is probably your wisest choice. Otherwise, a CALORIS FLEXMODE® steam heated evaporator, with its unique modular design, makes complete sense. The FlexMode system can be configured for many different product requirements, capacities, steam efficiencies and costs. In fact, FlexMode systems—while intelligently pre-engineered—are specifically designed to be easily customized.

While there are numerous applications for steam-heated evaporators requiring use of long heat exchanger tubes, the majority of steam-heated systems can be designed with relatively short tubes. This offers the opportunity to standardize the evaporator components and to create evaporator modules that can be combined into the desired configuration—like a tool kit.

Similar to the high-power, high-efficiency CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator, the FlexMode evaporator’s heat exchange surface and the vapor separator are combined in one vessel (or module) that can be preassembled with ancillary equipment such as preheaters, condensers and pumps, which are pre-engineered as well.

Therefore, while not a packaged system with a fixed range of models and capacities, the FlexMode evaporator offers the core advantages of the Concentrix, including fast delivery, drastically reduced size and low installation costs.

Design the System that Works Best for You

The FlexMode system presents you with a vast range of capacity, from a single stage direct steam heated 1-effect FlexMode with an evaporation capacity of a few hundred pounds, to a multiple-effect TVR heated system with a capacity of 100,000 pounds per hour or more of water evaporation. Caloris will help determine the capacity you need and design the FlexMode system to fit!

CALORIS FLEXMODE® Evaporator Control Panel



CALORIS FLEXMODE® Evaporator Upper Deck

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CALORIS FLEXMODE® Evaporator Brochure

The CALORIS FLEXMODE® can be configured to accommodate many of the complex processing needs of different product streams. Contact our sales and technical specialists at 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs and to place an order. You can also schedule a benchtop test or an on-site test with a pilot evaporator.