Pilot Testing

In order to find the best solution for your processing or wastewater treatment needs, Caloris can test a sample of your product or waste stream on a variety of pilot evaporation, membrane or drying units.

This testing provides our engineers the information they need to select the best system design and configuration to deliver optimal product quality, water purity and energy efficiency for your plant.

Here is an overview of our available units for testing:

Our Pilot Evaporators

Caloris has several different pilot evaporators for testing purposes:

Benchtop evaporator

Single stage, direct steam-heated, forced-circulation evaporator capable of ~15 lb/hr water evaporation

CF evaporator

Direct steam-heated option offering 200 lb/hr of water evaporation capacity

Cubix 15 evaporator

Fully functional compact unit, which concentrates liquids to a high level of total solids; operating with an electrically powered compressor


Tabletop evaporator available for small-batch testing of samples

Request the technical spec sheet for the Caloris RO Pilot Plant

Caloris Pilot Membrane Skid

Caloris will send one of our membrane experts along with our reverse osmosis pilot plant to your site for testing.

Caloris RO Pilot Plant

Pilot Drying

Caloris will work with clients to organize spray dryer testing on equipment that is most representative of the products they are trying to develop.

Arrange a Test Today!

Simply call our main office at 410-822-6900 or send an email to problem.solved@caloris.com to arrange a test on one of our pilot units.

This food waste stream (left) was concentrated to 10 percent solids (middle) to 90 percent pure water (right) using our benchtop test evaporator.

What Can Testing Tell Us?

Running samples on our pilot equipment can reveal many characteristics of your product feed that will help us determine the best equipment with which to process your feed stream. Viscosity rates, suspended solids and a slew of other factors can affect the efficiency and ultimate capabilities of different processing technologies. Running your sample on a pilot unit can ensure the optimum configuration is developed for your process.

On-Site Testing Available

All of our pilot units are available to be shipped to your plant for on-site testing. Your plant personnel can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our engineers to see the results first-hand. Simply call our main office at 410-822-6900 or send an email to problem.solved@caloris.com to arrange a test on one of our pilot units.

Caloris Brochure

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