Caloris Water Reuse

The reuse of industrial water involves:

  1. Purifying process wastewater to create a clean water source that meets the requirements of the reuse application
  2. Handling the concentrated solids stream that results from the purification process to enable:
    • safe discharge/disposal, or best case,
    • creating a product of added value to the customer.

Caloris’ History with Reuse

Caloris has been in the business of concentrating solids and creating pure water to reuse in customer processes since 2006.

From food product evaporation, where the condensed water vapors are polished by membranes to meet Category 1 standards, to general plant effluent systems that generate clean utility water sources, Caloris has a history of dealing with challenging reuse opportunities.

Potential uses for recovered water include cooling tower makeup, cleaning/sanitation, boiler makeup, process water and production water.

Why Water Reuse?

Sustainability—managing a critical and increasingly limited resource. Consider:

  • Sound actions taken now will position your organization for responding to future water constraints.
  • Adequate water supply can no longer be taken for granted. Increasing population and industrial activity have stressed water supplies in many geographies to the point where even moderate drought periods put adequate supply at risk.
  • Social responsibility, consistent with the organization’s environmental values and vision.

Reduced cost—depending on the charged cost for fresh water supply and effluent water discharge at a site, a water reuse program could provide an overall cost savings.

Regulatory compliance—meeting regulatory discharge requirements often means use of treatment technologies that create a clean water stream suitable for reuse.

How can Caloris help you?

Contact us today to arrange a test by calling 410-822-6900 or email

Any Style, Any Size

Caloris offers multiple types of processing systems that can fit in any size space. From compact evaporators to skidded membrane systems, we will work with your facility’s team to tailor a system to your needs and your desired footprint.

Pilot Testing Available

Caloris will arrange to send one of our pilot evaporators or pilot membrane filtration unit to your location to test your wastewater and determine the right treatment system to process your waste stream.

Resource Recovery Systems

In addition to capturing clean water for reuse, there may be other recoverable substances that can be separated from the stream for potential use (cleaning products, nutrients, etc.). Interested in a system that will allow you to recover product from your waste stream for reuse, as well as usable clean water? Caloris engineers will work with you to develop a custom system to accomplish your goals.

Honda Precision Parts of Georgia

Their use of a CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator for a water reuse initiative in their Tallapoosa plant.

Caloris Brochure

Caloris Water Reuse Brochure