Caloris Whey Processing

From Whole Milk to Powder

Nutrition-packed whey and dairy proteins are in demand from the consumer industry as well as the animal feed industry. Are you looking to capitalize on this market opportunity? Caloris can help you extract valuable proteins from whole milk or whey, WPC and whey permeate from your cheese making process. Our customizable line of RO membranes, evaporators and dryers can be combined or purchased as independent process systems to meet your needs. We can also provide for powder handling and packaging equipment for a complete solution. Contact us today to learn more.

Systems Optimizations

Do you have an existing whey process that you want to optimize? Caloris engineers can assess your system and make recommendations on everything from capacity increases to CIP optimization. Our RO systems can be used to concentrate whey and whey permeate, as well as to produce Category 1 quality process water. 

How can Caloris help you?

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The CALORIS CONCENTRIX® for Whey Processing

One of the stars of our available whey systems is the CALORIS CONCENTRIX® Compact MVR Evaporator system. The Concentrix can achieve the desired water evaporation and concentration of your whey and whey permeate utilizing the high overall energy efficiency of Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) technology in a highly compact system size.

MVR technology, used extensively for commercial evaporators worldwide, utilizes electrical power to generate heating vapors for driving the evaporation process. Water vapor evaporated from the product inside the evaporator is compressed by a turbofan driven by an electric motor, increasing the temperature of the vapors and generating the heating vapors to promote further evaporation.

Key to the design of the Concentrix evaporator is our proprietary radial diffuser, which compresses the heating vapors as they are distributed radially outwards from the impeller of the MVR turbofan.

With the turbofan mounted in the top of the vapor separator and the heat exchanger body built around the vapor separator, compressed heating vapors discharge directly from this radial diffuser into the shell of the heat exchanger body without need for interconnecting ductwork.

The Concentrix evaporator system is fabricated and delivered as one primary component, ready to be set by crane lift and anchored to your prepared foundation upon delivery. The Concentrix does not require any additional structural support steel. Minimal use of external process lines to interconnect system pumps and external heat exchangers to the main evaporator assembly minimizes both time and costs to achieve a complete system installation at the operating site.

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