Commissioning Services

After installation comes commissioning, a time when we make sure to have all the needed experts on hand to put your new or refurbished system into operation in the most timely way possible.

Process systems commissioning services are led by a project manager who has the expertise, skills and discipline to keep the process moving smoothly and according to schedule.

A Complete Team For Your Complete Needs

Caloris provides a full team with the process engineering and other expertise needed for smooth commissioning within the promised timeline. Our process systems commissioning services include functional testing of all equipment, set-up of the control parameters and training the operating and supervisory personnel. Commissioning will commence immediately following mechanical installation of the system and completion of electrical power and controls wiring.

Example Evaporation Systems Commissioning Check List

  • Mechanical Function Test for All Equipment Prior to Operation
  • Function Test of Complete Control System
  • Vacuum Test
  • Start-Up on Water
  • Start-Up on Product
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Testing
  • Performance Testing

We know the importance of your return-on-investment. That’s why we work to make you profitable in as short a period as possible.

Commissioning Includes Operator and Supervisor Training

The underlying and most important goal of process systems commissioning is to help you take productive ownership of your Caloris system. To that end, we provide complete operator and supervisor training on our systems. We make sure that your hands-on personnel are fully versed in the operations, maintenance and trouble-shooting of your systems. We don’t get you up-and-walking. We get you up-and-running.

Down to the Last Detail

We know the devil is in the details, of which there are many. That’s why we stay with your project every step of the way from initial consultation through pre-engineeringengineeringinstallation, commissioning and on-going field support.

Caloris engineers stand with you every step of the way.

Email to discuss your specific needs.

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