Caloris Compact Evaporators

A Full Range of Compact Evaporators to Suit Your Operational Needs

Just as evaporators have a multitude of applications, you have your own requirements and limitations with regard to operating capacity, space, structural support, implementation time and—maybe most importantly—cost. For you, a custom evaporator from Caloris may simply not be a practical option. That’s why Caloris developed a full line of pre-engineered evaporator systems, each designed to offer specific operating and performance capabilities within an efficiently compact overall assembly, all of them designed with maximum energy and cost efficiency in mind.

Each of the Caloris compact evaporator systems has been carefully designed to deliver the most evaporation power within the least square footage and vertical space. These compact units can be installed and brought online within a matter of days, instead of the weeks or months typical for site-assembled evaporators. You are up and running with commercial production at the minimum installation cost and set-up time.

There’s a Caloris Compact Evaporator for Your Application

If you need evaporation to meet a process challenge, whether it’s concentrating a substance or reducing wastewaters for disposal, you will probably find a Caloris compact evaporator to meet it. Applications include:

  • Concentration of a wide array of food and beverage products, including most sugars, juices, jellies, purees, pectin, brewer’s yeast, beer de-alcoholization, beer wort, distillation stillage, dairy, coffee, gelatin, mash, starch, yeast extract, tea extract, past sell date beverages and milk products, etc.
  • Processing spent liquids in the pharmaceutical and photo industries
  • Glycerin/Biodiesel
  • Concentration of select chemicals
  • Concentration of wastewater from chemical processes
  • Concentration of metal surface treatment effluents
  • Concentration of food processing waste streams
  • Oil and water recovery from oily effluents in the automotive, aviation and machine building industries
  • Concentration of wastewater from dye penetration (crack detection) operations, die casting, and similar industrial processes
  • Processing of liquids resulting from industrial cleaning procedures, as with can rinsing, component cleaning, metal, polishing and pretreatment operations
  • Textile manufacturing waste streams
  • Industrial laundries
  • Boiler and cooling tower blowdown
  • Spent CIP solutions
  • Rinse recovery in fluid milk and cultured dairy product plants
  • Feed conditioners for small and medium sized dryers
  • Wastewater from aluminum extraction processes
  • Retentate from R.O., ultra and micro-filtration
  • Galvanic and metal hardening wastewaters
  • Radioactive wastewaters
  • Landfill leachate
  • Airplane deicing glycol solutions
  • Stainless steel pickling acid solutions
  • Tomato peeling caustic solutions
  • Wastewater pond remediation

Caloris Compact Evaporators Technology

Caloris has developed several models of pre-engineered evaporator systems, each designed to offer specific operating and performance capabilities within an efficiently compact overall assembly. They all feature the same level of sophisticated engineering that have made the Caloris custom systems preeminent.

As pre-engineered process systems, the design of each of these compact evaporator models is based around several key components, such as a pre-selected MVR turbofan or rotary lobe compressor. Each model size has a maximum water evaporation capacity corresponding to the capabilities of the key components. Note: The model number of each unit multiplied by a factor of 100 corresponds to its water evaporation capacity in pounds per hour, evaporating water-from-water, i.e., a Concentrix 150 has a nominal evaporation capacity of 15,000 pounds per hour of water-from-water. For the wide solids spectrum these compact evaporators are capable of handling, the actual evaporation capacity is adjusted according to the specific task.

Not sure which Caloris Compact best fits your needs? The Caloris sales and engineering teams work with you to determine the specific requirements of your application, including product characteristics and final concentration objectives, selecting the most appropriate compact evaporator system to achieve your objectives.

Caloris Compact Evaporators are fabricated and assembled within a short lead time for delivery. You’ll find competitive pricing and fast delivery for a wide range of evaporation capacities.

Caloris Compact Evaporator Models

There’s a pre-engineered Caloris Compact Evaporator model that suits your needs. Choose from:


CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR: Powered by Caloris’s proprietary turbofan technology and featuring a unique concentric design, the Concentrix MVR provides the highest energy and operational efficiencies available in a compact evaporator.


CALORIS CUBIX®: Designed in a space-efficient cube shape, the Cubix is ideally suited for concentrating many products to a higher concentration of total solids than can be achieved in a rising film or falling film evaporator system design.


CALORIS FLEXMODE®: This modular steam heated evaporator system can be designed in many different configurations for many different product requirements, capacities, steam efficiencies and costs.


The configuration of the CALORIS CVTTM Evaporator can accommodate low building heights and has a small footprint, making it a good candidate for installation in existing facilities. Positioning the vertical turbofan on top of the vapor separator contributes to the sleek design of this falling film evaporator.

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