The patented CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator delivers the highest available energy and operational efficiencies in a compact evaporator design, with models evaporating up to 100,000 pounds (12,000 gallons per hour) of water per hour at an efficiency of up to 200 pounds (24 gallons) of water evaporated per kilowatt of power consumed (42 watts/gallon). The Concentrix MVR is a high-efficiency falling film evaporator system using proprietary turbofan technology for heating by Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR), driving the evaporation process with electrical power. Falling film evaporation technology means that only a small quantity of product is held inside the Concentrix at any given moment, minimizing the time required for system start-up, rinse-out, CIP and shutdown.

The Maximum Force from the Minimum Energy

Built in a concentric configuration, the Concentrix evaporator uses proprietary Caloris technology with a standard turbofan wheel to efficiently discharge compressed heating vapors 360-degrees outward from the fan into the surrounding heat exchanger tube bundle. By arranging the heat exchanger bundle around the proprietary Caloris vapor separator vessel and mounting the turbofan on top of the vapor separator, no vapor ducting is required to interconnect the evaporator components.

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Concentrix MVR Evaporator Design Features

  • Available in chemical grade and 3-A or general food grade sanitary executions
  • Recirculated product flow ensures good tube wetting over a significant range of product operating capacity, enabling long running times and excellent CIP performance.
  • Option for addition of boosted heating via Thermal Vapor Recompression (TVR) on the final product section for achieving highest practical product concentrations that usually require the use of a high concentrator unit.
  • Regenerative heating of system feeds optimizes overall process energy efficiency.
  • Options for efficient integration of HTST pasteurization, product heat treatment and product cooling integrated in the overall energy balance and part of the compact assembly of the entire evaporator system.

Caloris Concentrix® Wins Environmental Award

Caloris and Honda Precision Parts of Georgia have accepted an award from iW&WD Magazine for participating in a 2016 Water and Wastewater Top Project! This honor recognizes the installation of a Caloris Concentrix® MVR Evaporator at the Honda facility in Georgia, which allows Honda to treat 12,000 gallons of water used in their plant everyday and recycle that water for continued use in the facility. Read iW&WD‘s article here (launches PDF).

With an electrically driven MVR turbofan motor as the primary heating source, the CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator operates with an overall heat balance that in most cases is just slightly positive. Only a nominal supply of cooling water is required to remove waste heat. Where cooling water is not readily available (or possibly undesirable in cold climate locations), an air cooler or air condenser can be integrated.

The Advantages of the CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR Evaporator

  • Ultra compact design takes half the space of other technologies to process the same volume, saving you building and installation costs.
  • Pre-engineered for fast delivery.
  • Very short installation and start-up time.
  • Significant reduction of shipping costs.
  • Outdoor installations benefit from similar cost savings, including reduced costs for foundations, installation, and requirements for any support and access structures.

Systems are available for a wide range of evaporation capacities.

Concentrix technical spec sheet

Concentrix Brochure

The CALORIS CONCENTRIX® can be configured to accommodate many of the complex processing needs for numerous product streams and wastewater applications. Contact our sales and technical specialists at 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs and to place an order. You can also schedule a benchtop test or an on-site test with a pilot evaporator.