Contributing to A Better Process

How Do You & Your Coworkers Represent Our Values?

Have you or a coworker recently exemplified one of Caloris' core values: Reliability, Collegiality, Sustainability, Integrity & Responsiveness? Let us know! Fill out the form below to recognize yourself or a coworker. Those recognized in the Caloris e-newsletter receive a ribbon and an Amazon gift card. This form can be submitted anonymously, but you may include your name as the submitter if you wish.

  • Enter the name(s) of the employee(s) who have represented one or more of Caloris' core values. Feel free to list yourself!
  • Provide a brief description of the work or action that exemplified our core values. Any action, large or small, will be considered. Did someone brighten your day or help make a task easier? Let us know.
  • Feel free to list the value(s) that the above work is related to. This field is not required. Our core values are Responsiveness, Reliability, Collegiality, Integrity and Sustainability.
  • If you'd like the person(s) listed above to know who recognized them, share your name here. Otherwise, this will be submitted anonymously.