Expert Controls Engineering Provides Superior Operations

Enhanced Reliability and Simplified Operator Interface Improves Your Productivity

The hallmarks of Caloris controls engineering are robust operations and maximum automation. We incorporate state-of-the-art Allen-Bradley (A-B) control systems with intuitive operator controls, such as the A-B touch-screen PanelView Operator Interface. We automate as many processing, Clean-In-Place (CIP), and maintenance functions as possible. At the same time, we give you the control to adjust and alter processing functions as needed—all in the most intuitive custom control packages available today.

Whole Systems Controls Engineering

We take a whole systems approach to controls engineering. We select every sensor, control device, and control valve with equal care. We carefully integrate each piece with the process and control systems.

We work with your controls engineers, third-party controls engineers and our own trusted partner controls engineers with equal success to make sure all supplementary equipment and systems are compatible. We stay with the project every step of the way, through installationcommissioning and on-going operation. Our controls engineering services ensure your productivity.

The Leading Technology Comes from Caloris Engineers

Caloris custom-designed evaporation systems include controls engineering features developed by our engineers to enhance system performance, productivity and reliability. We have designed, built, installed, and continue to support some of the largest, most cost-effective and elegantly designed evaporation systems in the nation.

Caloris controls engineering offers customers the highest operating energy efficiency with maximum use of recuperative energy recovery. We lower your energy costs and provide you with the “greenest” solutions possible.

Caloris also offers compact evaporation systems and mobile evaporation systems with standard, intuitive Allen Bradley touch-screen control panels built in.

Whether you need a large custom installation or one of our new compact or mobile units for rapid deployment, Caloris puts you in control.

Caloris engineers stand with you every step of the way.

Call 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs.

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