If you need to concentrate a product to a higher level of total solids than can be achieved in rising or falling film evaporator system designs, the CALORIS CUBIX® Evaporators are ideally suited. They achieve higher concentrations than any comparable system, while working just as reliably at lower concentration levels. And the Caloris proprietary vapor separator design makes the Cubix ultra-compact—even the largest models fit under a ten-foot ceiling! Choose from electric powered models (Cubix M) and—for locations where steam is readily available at low cost—thermocompressor direct steam-heated models (Cubix T and Cubix D).

Here’s what makes the CALORIS CUBIX® so valuable:

  • Enhanced heat transfer surfaces optimize thermal efficiency.
  • Highly turbulent flow through flooded tubes minimizes surface fouling.
  • An optional recirculation system upgrade accommodates liquids of extreme viscosities.
  • Evaporated vapors are condensed and discharged as clean water, often suitable for re-use.
  • New horizontal vapor separator provides ultra-compact design.
  • Produces concentrations much higher than any comparable system.
  • Ideally suited for concentrating products containing suspended solids.
  • All models available in food-grade and 3-A sanitary executions.
  • Low temperature versions for all heating modes operating under vacuum permits processing of heat-sensitive products as low as 120° F.

Continuously Concentrating to a Higher Percentage of Total Solids

CALORIS CUBIX® Modes of Operation


Semi-Batch: System receives intermittent feed charges while concentrating liquid in the system, and then discharges all system contents when the final concentration is achieved. The system then re-charges with fresh feed to start a new concentration cycle.


Steady-State: System continuously receives feed and continuously discharges concentrate as target concentration is achieved.


If your plant runs daily processing cycles, Caloris recommends a two-step steady-state operating cycle. First process all raw feed for the day, discharging intermediate concentrate to a temporary holding tank, then process the intermediate concentrate through the system at the end of the operating day for the highest possible concentration and volume reduction rate.

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The Electric Powered CALORIS CUBIX® M

The Cubix M Evaporator is the only compact forced circulation tubular MVR evaporator on the market that delivers low temperature processing using a high-reliability, rotary lobe compressor. Easy to fit into your facility and quick to install, its state-of-the-art design makes it the compact of choice for a wide variety of applications. The Cubix M can even be mobilized for traveling use at different sites.

That else makes the Cubix M so valuable?

  • The Cubix M is capable of steady-state operation with continuous flows of incoming feed and continuous discharge of condensate and concentrate. This allows for more effective regenerative heating of incoming feed against both the condensate and concentrate discharge flows and provides for a higher overall system energy efficiency. It also cools both the concentrate and condensate discharge streams for easier handling.
  • For most waste stream applications, the Cubix M systems work at a vapor temperature of approximately 190°F (approximately 11 inches of vacuum).
  • Heat sensitive products can be processed at temperatures as low as 115°F (26 inches of vacuum). In this case, water evaporation capacity for a given Cubix M model size will be reduced in direct relation to the increase in vapor volume at the lower operating temperature.
  • The use of one or more electric in-line resistance heaters to pre-heat the system during startup reduces the time required to initiate evaporation and concentration operation from a cold start.
  • Ready inspection access to the heat exchanger tubes at both ends of the evaporator skid and inspection access to the interior of the vapor separator make maintenance even easier.
  • The standard Cubix M is enclosed in an attractive sound enclosure cabinet. For more direct access to system components, the system can also be provided as an open skid without an enclosure cabinet.
  • Quiet operation: On the open skid design, the compressor is enclosed in a sound insulating box. The standard cabinet mounted system also includes the compressor insulation box. The cabinet provides additional sound insulation.

Choose the Cubix M that Suits Your Situation

CALORIS CUBIX® T and CALORIS CUBIX® D Steam Powered Evaporators

The Cubix T and Cubix D models use live steam as the heating source for the main heat exchanger, instead of a rotary lobe MVR compressor, making them ideal choices if you have a readily available low-cost steam supply. The design features and performance characteristics for both the Cubix T and Cubix D are largely the same as the Cubix M, except that a steam source and a cooling medium to remove system waste heat are required. On the Cubix D, low or medium pressure steam heats the main heat exchanger directly. Alternatively, to save steam, a Thermal Vapor Recompressor (TVR) driven by medium pressure steam can be applied to the Cubix T.

Since steam is being used as the main heat source for evaporation for both the Cubix T and Cubix D models, cooling water will be required to remove the waste heat. In many cases an air cooler is used for this purpose, if cooling water is not readily available.

Low temperature operation for heat sensitive products is available as an option on all Cubix models.

Other Caloris Compact Evaporator Models

The CALORIS CUBIX® can be configured to accommodate many of the complex processing needs of wastewater applications. Contact our sales and technical specialists at 410-822-6900 or email to discuss your specific needs and to place an order. You can also schedule a benchtop test for your waste stream or an on-site test with a pilot evaporator.