Custom Evaporators that Meet Your Specific Needs

Off-the-shelf evaporation systems aren’t always the best or most cost-effective solutions. The right investment up front in a custom evaporator system can save you substantial operating costs down the line and reduce your carbon footprint significantly. If your company requires extraordinary results or very specific design features, Caloris-designed custom evaporators may be the very best options you can find.

Extra large production capacity, product specific designs, a single-pass product flow through the evaporator system, various compressor back-up options, or integration of regenerative heat concepts with other process equipment outside the core evaporator system—these are a few of the challenges Caloris custom evaporators help customers meet.

And evaporation isn’t the only thermal process Caloris helps you tackle. Caloris engineers work with your company to design a process system that meets the unique needs of your facility and operations; not just plain old evaporation systems, but:

  • Dryer feed conditioner systems
  • Drying system upgrades
  • Systems for pasteurizing, heat treatment and product cooling
  • Zero liquid discharge systems

Caloris also excels at energy integration and optimization with the required ancillary equipment.

The Design Process Drives Custom Evaporator Effectiveness and Efficiency


The design of your custom evaporator system begins with detailed discussions. Caloris gathers information from your company’s key personnel to identify all of your product and production objectives. Caloris engineers then develop a process design concept to achieve those objectives, including all options for optimizing system capabilities and performance.


Caloris then designs, specifies and builds the process equipment, including any custom-fabricated evaporator system components. Caloris also specifies the best possible auxiliary equipment to integrate the evaporator system with your overall processing line. The completed system will meet your operating requirements and reach or exceed your business goals.

How can we help you?

Call 410-822-6900 or email for more information.

Custom Upgrades, too

An evaporator has a long mechanical life, long enough often to outlive its original requirements. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrap it. Existing systems that cannot keep up with your changing needs can be upgraded with the latest technology.

Caloris upgrades evaporator systems to achieve:

  • Increased capacity
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Reduced fouling
  • Improved Clean-In-Place (CIP) performance
  • Enhanced bacteriological control (low spore)
  • Simplified operation with up-to-date process controls
  • Extended life equipment through mechanical rehabilitation

The Brands We Know

Caloris engineers are intimately familiar with nearly every make or model evaporator in existence. We have an extensive track record of success in re-engineering, retrofitting and upgrading almost every brand of evaporator in use in the Americas, including:

APV (Tubular & Plate)
Blaw Knox*
C.E. Rogers
Marriott Walker
Niro (now GEA)
Scheffers (now Tetra CPS)
Stork (now Tetra CPS)
TAV Ingeniera
Wiegand (now GEA)

*No longer in business of manufacturing evaporators

You can work with Caloris with total confidence, knowing your expectations will be exceeded. A custom evaporation system from Caloris will be the most cost-effective evaporation system you can purchase.

Why Caloris?

Whether it’s a new installation or a system upgrade, successful custom evaporator solutions demand a mastery of the principles of falling film, rising film and forced circulation technologies, as well as of the principal heating modes of radial high-speed compressors and turbofans (MVR), Thermal Vapor Recompression (TVR), and Direct Steam (DS). The engineers at Caloris not only know those principles well, we developed some of the leading technologies that use those principles.

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