Anyone can build a plant. We aim to build trust and partnership.

Process Systems Are All We Do.

We have a singular focus: solving each client’s unique needs so every innovation serves a purpose. Your Caloris team will include the most respected and experienced process systems engineers in the world. We’re not about merely chasing innovation, we’re about applying smart innovation to real situational problems to produce results.

Your Bottom Line Is Our Top Priority.

It’s no secret, at the center of every project is cost. Design cost. Build cost. Operational costs. That’s why Caloris engineers take the time to listen, understand your needs, and put your priorities at the heart of every project. We believe an engineering solution isn’t smart unless it serves to advance the business goals of each unique client.

Evaporation Systems, Both Huge and Small.

Caloris is an industry leader in designing, building and installing giant evaporation systems around the globe. But we also supply smaller, more nimble compact evaporation systems that can be implemented quickly for any volume of wastewater, even the huge requirements fracking demands.

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Call us at 410-822-6900 or send email to to speak with one of our engineers.

The One Source For All Your Process Systems.

Whatever type of system your operation requires, Caloris is uniquely equipped to deliver. From evaporators to membrane filtration to drying systems, we’ve satisfied the most demanding clients in the world. Our singular aim is to earn your trust and become as a long-term partner you can turn to for everything from a quick question to your next highly cost-effective and energy efficient process system.

A One-Stop Shop for Your Processing Needs.

With the acquisition of Seitz Stainless by Caloris in 2019, Caloris added in-house manufacturing to Caloris’ suite of capabilities. Seitz has consistently offered the highest manufacturing quality in the industry. The combined companies can offer enhanced responsiveness, quality and execution.

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