Ethanol Production Solutions

Evaporation is essential to the ethanol production process. Caloris systems are essential to ensure the MOST EFFICIENT production. Caloris evaporation systems concentrate thin stillage from the distillation process into valuable syrup, which can be sold as a stand-alone product or added to the wet cake before wet shipping or drying.

The Right Ethanol Evaporation System for the Job

For any size ethanol production facility, Caloris Custom Evaporators and existing system upgrades are an excellent investment with a very high ROI from the day of startup. Super-high concentrators for thin stillage replace a tremendous amount of dryer capacity, resulting in large energy savings or additional dryer capacity, or both.

Additional evaporation capability, which generates more recyclable process water, can reduce the amount of back-set for overall ethanol production capacity in an existing or new plant.

Upgrades of existing thin stillage evaporators can be a predecessor to super-high concentrating and typically result in longer running times, lower CIP cost and better operating reliability for distillation, ethanol dehydration, evaporation and DDG drying.

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Caloris Brochure

Caloris Custom Evaporators Brochure