A History of Serving Your Processing Needs

Below are milestone highlights and pioneering process systems that mark the evolution of Caloris. All of these systems are still operating to the satisfaction of the customers and are available as references upon request.

Historical Highlights


Zimmer Receives WCMA Distinguished Service Award Art Zimmer, co-founder of Caloris Engineering, received WCMA’s Distinguished Service Award at the 2022 CheeseExpo in Milwaukee. Wisc., April 14.


Low-Spore, Vapor Separator Patents & Acquisition of Seitz Stainless Caloris received U.S. Patent No. 10,182,580 for the Caloris Low-Spore Powder Production Process.   Caloris acquired equipment fabricator Seitz Stainless of Avon, Minn., adding in-house manufacturing to Caloris’ suite of capabilities.   Caloris received U.S. Patent No. 10,258,899 for the vapor separator integration on


Breakthrough Award Caloris Engineering LLC and Lone Star Dairy Products (LSDP) received the 2018 American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) Breakthrough Award for Dairy Ingredient Innovation at the 2018 ADPI Annual Conference for implementation of the Caloris Low-Spore Powder Production Process.   Caloris received U.S. Patent No. 10,046,249 for the CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR Evaporator.


Community Impact Caloris Engineering receives a Community Impact Award from the Talbot County Office of Economic Development and Tourism, as well as citations from our Congressional delegation and the Maryland General Assembly.


Milk Powder Innovation and Concentrix Recognition Caloris successfully delivered the first Caloris low-spore process for high-quality low-spore milk powders.   Caloris and Honda Precision Parts of Georgia (HPPG) recognized as a Top Project for 2016 by Water & Wastes Digest for the installation of a CALORIS CONCENTRIX® at the HPPG plant in Tallapoosa, Ga.   Artur


Bringing Membranes into the Fold Caloris launched its new membrane filtration systems.   Modesto, Calif., office opens.


Success in Compact Packages Caloris installed and commissioned the first CALORIS FLEXMODE® modular evaporator.   The CALORIS CUBIX® compact evaporator made its debut at WEFTEC 2014.   Installed and commissioned the first CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator for a wastewater application.   Caloris entered into a strategic partnership with a small group of Minneapolis investors, and Jim Peterson


Bigger Success Stories Caloris successfully installed and commissioned the largest CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator to-date at a dairy processor.   Caloris completed nine new commercial evaporator systems in this year alone.


More “Largests,” More “Firsts,” and a “Mini” Caloris designed and built the world’s largest MVR evaporator for grape juice and the world’s first single calandria turbofan MVR unit for skim milk, concentrating the product to dryer feed concentration in all-MVR mode.   Caloris built the first two CALORIS DFC®systems   Launched the CALORIS


Enter the Mobile Evaporator and Concentrix The CALORIS AGILIX®  mobile evaporator successfully designed and a commercial prototype completed in 2011 and then licensed to a Fortune 10 company in 2012. Prototype of the CALORIS CONCENTRIX® evaporator completed, immediately resulting in orders.


The World’s Largest Multipurpose Dairy Evaporator and… After designing and building the world’s largest multipurpose dairy evaporator (Quadruple Turbofan MVR), Caloris launched development of a High Viscosity/High Volume Atomizer (HVA) for spray drying super-high concentrated products.


Two Launches Caloris launched the CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR evaporator and Caloris DFC® (Dryer Feed Conditioner) programs.


The World’s Largest and Most Steam-Efficient Grape Juice Evaporator Caloris redesigned and modified a 7-Effect grape juice evaporator to become the world’s largest and most steam-efficient.


Rescuing a Tomato Harvest Caloris resolved an emergency at a tomato pressing processing plant by retrofitting a used evaporator for tomato peeling caustic. The thermal evaporator started up successfully just in time for harvest, three months from project initiation.


Industry innovator Artur Zimmer and a team of uniquely qualified individuals who had been actively involved in the evaporation and drying fields for decades found Caloris.

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