Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems by Caloris

Evaporation technology offers the most reliable and ultimately the most efficient approach to managing difficult industrial wastewater streams. Evaporators convert the water component in the wastewater to clean vapor that condenses into equally clean water, while drastically reducing the volume of the problem, which are the solids contained in the wastewater. Typically 90% to 95% of the original waste stream is evaporated, condensed and re-used in the process, leaving only a small residue at only 5% to 10% of the original wastewater volume to be disposed of properly at a reduced cost. Plus, Caloris wastewater evaporation systems are so compact, reliable and simple to operate; they often render large-scale treatment plants and hauling solutions unnecessary.

A Variety of Systems, Multiple Wastewater Applications

Virtually every industry generates wastewater that needs proper disposal. That’s why Caloris wastewater evaporation systems need to address a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Concentration of food processing waste streams
  • Oil and water recovery from oily effluents in the automotive industries
  • Processing of liquids resulting from industrial cleaning procedures, as with can rinsing, component cleaning, tank cleaning, polishing and pretreatment operations
  • Recovery of some chemicals, in addition to clean water, for reuse via zero liquid discharge processing
  • Concentration of metal surface treatment effluent
  • Industrial laundries
  • Concentration and recycling of spent caustic streams for fruit peeling and olive processing operations.
  • Concentration of wastewater from chemical processes
  • Concentration of select chemicals
  • Concentration of wastewater from dye penetration (crack detection) operations, dyeing facilities, die casting, and other industrial processes
  • Residential grey and black water
  • Processing spent liquids in the pharmaceutical and life science industries

Since no one knows evaporation better than Caloris, it stands to reason that Caloris wastewater evaporation systems are the most effective available.

The Right Wastewater Evaporation System for the Job

Caloris pre-engineered Compact Evaporators were designed with wastewater solutions in mind. Employing various evaporation technologies and available in a wide array of configurations and sizes, they can tackle virtually any industrial wastewater challenge.

How can Caloris help you?

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Choose from:


CALORIS CONCENTRIX® MVR: Powered by Caloris’ proprietary turbofan technology and featuring a unique concentric design, the Concentrix MVR provides the highest capacities and energy efficiencies—with the smallest space requirements—available in a compact evaporator.


CALORIS CUBIX®: Designed in a space-efficient cube shape for smaller evaporation capacities, the Cubix is ideally suited for concentrating many products to a higher concentration of total solids than can be achieved in conventional evaporator system designs.


CALORIS FLEXMODE®: This modular steam-heated evaporator system can be designed in many different configurations for many different product requirements, capacities, steam efficiencies and costs.


CALORIS AGILIX® Mobile Evaporator (pictured): The Agilix is the only turbofan MVR with substantial capacity that will go wherever you need it.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems

Interested in a system that will allow you to recover product from your waste stream for reuse, as well as usable clean water? Caloris engineers will work with you to develop a custom zero liquid discharge system to accomplish your goals. Improve your environmental footprint and save money with the latest in ZLD technology.

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