Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems by Caloris

Caloris often receives requests for our assistance with wastewater processing challenges when there are valuable solids in the waste stream the customer would like to recapture. We can help with recovery and reuse of high value solids, recovery and reuse of the purified water streams, and concentration of high-strength wastes to optimize costs of disposal by other means.

Customers typically request help with the following situations:

  1. They have something valuable in the waste stream, possibly a highly diluted waste stream, which they wish to recover and re-use. In this case, there may be opportunities to achieve a Return-on-Investment (ROI) based on the capture of the valuable portion of the waste stream.
  2. They have a wastewater volume issue, typically incurring high fees or possibly even penalties based on the disposal or processing of the volumes of waste. In this case, the payback is usually in reduced processing fees or penalties.
  3. They have a solids strength issue that prevents them from disposing by traditional means. We help to concentrate that solids stream to allow them to dispose of it more easily.
  4. They have a water usage volume issue. We can clean their wastewater for reuse to help reduce their usage volumes.
  5. They just want to take the right steps to be environmentally cautious and protect the image of their brand.

Sometimes all of these issues exist. It’s important to have a well thought out road map for how to adhere to evolving environmental regulations.

Caloris offers both membrane filtration and evaporation solutions for treating your waste streams.

Membrane filtration can assist in both separation and concentration of solutions. The selection of membrane type depends on the constituents in the waste stream, together with the overall objectives of reuse/disposal efforts.

Often, it is simply water that needs to be removed. If sustainability is top of mind for your processing goals, let us help you recapture and reuse clean water from your waste streams.

Even if you don’t need to reuse this clean water stream, it is much easier to discharge than the original waste stream. These systems typically use a small footprint and are assembled on a skid for easier installation in your facility. Caloris offers stainless steel frames, which stay corrosion-free and can offer additional cost savings.

Evaporation technology offers the most reliable and ultimately the most efficient approach to managing difficult industrial wastewater streams. Evaporators convert the water component in the wastewater to clean vapor that condenses into equally clean water, while drastically reducing the volume of the problem, which are the solids contained in the wastewater.

Typically 90% to 95% of the original waste stream is evaporated, condensed and re-used in the process, leaving only a small volume of concentrate liquid at only 5% to 10% of the original wastewater volume to be disposed of properly at a reduced cost.

Plus, Caloris wastewater evaporation systems are compact, reliable and simple to operate, often rendering large-scale treatment plants and hauling solutions unnecessary.

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A Variety of Systems, Multiple Wastewater Applications

The food and beverage industry generates wastewater that needs proper disposal. Caloris wastewater evaporation systems address a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Concentration of food processing waste streams
  • Processing of liquids resulting from industrial cleaning procedures, as with can rinsing
  • Recovery of some chemicals, in addition to clean water, for reuse
  • Concentration and recycling of spent caustic streams for fruit peeling and olive processing operations
  • Concentration of select chemicals
  • Processing spent liquids in the pharmaceutical and life science industries

Caloris can help you chart a course to proactively address current and future wastewater challenges.

The Right Wastewater Evaporation System for the Job

Caloris Compact Evaporators were designed with wastewater solutions in mind. These employ various evaporation technologies and concentration technologies and are available in a wide array of configurations and sizes, for efficient use of energy and capital. They can tackle a broad spectrum of industrial wastewater challenges. Whether you need to process 1,000 gallons/day or 10,000 gallons/hour, we have a solution for you.

How can Caloris help you?

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Choose from:


CALORIS CVTTM Evaporator: A new generation of compact MVR evaporators with reduced complexity and increased robustness compared to existing options on the market.


CALORIS FLEXMODE®: This modular steam-heated evaporator system can be designed in many different configurations for many different product requirements, capacities, steam efficiencies and costs.


CALORIS AGILIX® Mobile Evaporator: The Agilix is the only turbofan MVR with substantial capacity that will go wherever you need it.


CALORIS Customer Evaporators: We specialize in working with you to engineer the exact system you need for your unique situation.

Resource Recovery & Reuse Systems

Interested in a system that will allow you to recover product from your waste stream for reuse, as well as usable clean water? Reusing this material may be possible upstream in the facility or it could be a value-added material that can become a source of revenue. Caloris engineers will work with you to develop a custom system to accomplish your goals. Improve your environmental footprint and save money with the latest reuse technology.

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