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The Caloris team is made up of men and women of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. With a focus on collegiality, we support each other on projects large and small. Get to know some of our team members here. You can also learn what it’s like to work at Caloris from our employees in their own words below.
Caloris is an exciting place to work, located in a relaxing place to live. Our office is in Easton, Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay’s magnificent Eastern Shore. Easton provides an ideal setting for a healthy work-life balance, with abundant family living and recreational resources, a laid-back environment, and easy access to the cities of the East Coast.
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Meet Allana, Mechanical Design Engineer

What do you like about working with your Caloris colleagues?

It’s a very comfortable casual work environment while still maintaining the importance of professionalism. I’ve made a lot of friends here. There’s a lot of opportunity for not only being in a structured professional environment, but it’s also like a family atmosphere. 

When I sat for my FE license, another colleague bought me a beer right after my exam. It didn’t matter whether I passed or not (I did!), he wanted to congratulate me just for doing it.

When I got married, Caloris threw me a surprise bridal shower and we all sat around and drank champagne and talked about our lives. When we had a baby in the middle of the pandemic, we weren’t able to get together, but I was still made to feel like we were all still together as a team.

Meet Alex, Installation & Design Project Manager

How does Caloris support/accommodate your personal goals beyond work?

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to manage and play for a successful men’s baseball team during all of my years at Caloris. There seems to be general support for my extracurricular activities, and several employees / managers who share interest in that particular activity as well as many others.

How has Caloris helped you grow in your career?

It’s cliché, but in 14 years I can honestly say I’ve learned something new every day while working at Caloris.

What do you think customers like about working with us?

I feel they appreciate the extra effort Caloris supplies for even the most trivial issue to be resolved.

Meet Austin, Mechanical Design Engineer

What has been your proudest achievement at Caloris?

I have two proud achievements with my time working for Caloris. The first came early on, when I was helping commission my first dryer. A lot of long days and hard work, as well as a fair amount of troubleshooting with hands on experience on our newly installed equipment. It gave me my first taste of seeing a new plant start up and seeing how everything comes together after previously working on designs for months beforehand. The satisfaction of enduring and working together throughout the project is something I will always remember, as well as becoming friends with the plant workers and owners.

The second came recently at the start of a new and large project. I was named lead designer on the dryer side of the plant. Seeing my hard work pay off, and more importantly, knowing that my company trusts me to be the right person for the job, is something that means a lot to me.

Meet Ernest, Senior Mechanical Designer

How has Caloris helped you grow in your career?

Caloris has given me the ability to mentor designers and help with the growth of individuals. I haven’t had this opportunity at other places. This is special to me because it is enjoyable to see people grow.

What do you think customers like about working with us?

I have been told by our customers they enjoy working with us because we have great equipment, but also we don’t leave them until everything is working. We work with them not only just on our provided equipment, we help them even on the building design.

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