Process Equipment Optimizations Revitalize Your Existing Evaporators, Membrane Filtration Units & Spray Dryers

Over years of continuous operation, food, dairy, and beverage processing equipment inevitably experiences processing changes. Maybe it is just wear-and-tear, or maybe you’ve modified recipes, expanded capacity, or changed products. Perhaps sustainability is a focus aligned with reduced energy consumption. It could be that you simply need to wrangle more hours of operation out of the month.

At Caloris Engineering, we specialize in rebuilds and optimizations of your membrane filtration, evaporation, and spray drying systems—restoring them to optimal condition for seamless performance and extended service life.

Advantages of Caloris Optimizations:

  • Significant cost savings vs. new equipment purchase
  • Faster turnaround time compared to new orders
  • Restore full performance and production capacity
  • Meet new processing goals
  • Comply with the latest industrial and safety codes
  • Long-lasting results backed by our warranty

Upgrades to dehumidified air.

Maximize Production Uptime and Capacity with Caloris’ Experience in Modifying Existing Equipment to Meet Today’s Goals

Whether your processing units were originally manufactured by Caloris or another OEM brand, our team of experts can comprehensively assess, repair, and enhance every component. We deploy the latest techniques, premium materials, and stringent quality controls to deliver a cost-effective rebuild that meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Caloris can also adapt your equipment to meet new processing goals.

We’ve successfully rebuilt/refurbished systems across dozens of customer facilities – evaporators, membrane filtration skids, spray dryers, and more. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make Caloris the trusted partner for production-critical projects.

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